nyim-nyim and there goes the trend !

so hello there  !
Anyway this is actually my first time writing a blog, so please have mercy on me haha. well enough with the chit-chat and lets move on, hm… what would i write in my first post  you ask? well something interesting of course.So last week i received an assignment from the Creative and Innovation Class to check out some interesting blog, website or something, so the link goes like this : http://tinsiders.blogspot.com/

the first time I saw it i didn’t think that it is a blog, but there you goes ! it is a blog !
well anyway back to the main point of this post, Tininsider is a blog where you can check the latest creative concept and  innovation that can makes you feel inspired and all. the blog have this simple and bold motto, which is “design, inspirations, innovation”, from the website name, motto, and the well-designed website people could easily guess that this website is all about nowadays Trends, design, photography, architect and making some good art 😀

Moving on, I think the blog have the look. you know, Clean, Minimalism, Simple and all. with the ability of choosing the most comfortable way to read is also a very good feature of this website, and what i meant by that is the 7  type of reading styles that you can choose, and of course I will be explaining each of those styles.

well thats the 7 of em

  1. Classic, this style represent what good old days blogging template would be where you scroll all the way down to search for more and more information.
  2. Flipcard, well this style really resembles the new windows 8 tile screen. this style shows every post as a box shaped thumbnail and gives you information about it if you move your cursor to it.
  3. Magazine, this style represent modern standard blogging template I think, a bit the same with the  classic, scrolling is the key.
  4. Mosaic, this style also resembles the new windows 8 tile screen. with the ability to customized the size of the tile.
  5. Tilebar, this style use tab like feature where each tab hold its own information.
  6. Snapshot, well this style gives you this polaroid like tile where you have to click the polaroid tile to access the information.
  7. Timeslide, this style categorized all of the posted topic based on the date.

so many styles to choose, a very innovative way to attract people with various kind of reading preference i think, it is very interesting i guess, well my favorite is the Magazine you see, where you can view the picture thumbnail and also the information at the same time.  while mosaic burn my eyes with the confusing thumbnail and all. so how about you ? what’s your favorites ?, dont overthink it though, you can always use the search bar to find what you’re looking for ! well that’s it i guess, have a fun reading the website and get inspired while you at it will ya !

Bye Folks ! 😀 😀 😀

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