2012, the prediction and the results !

Hello there i’m back ! and in this 2nd post I’m gonna review something about 2012, the trend prediction to be exact. But why 2012? Not 2013 ? well, the task that has been given to me is about 2012, so for now i’m not gonna meddle with 2013 and just go straightforward to the trend prediction of 2012. It is very common for people trying to predict what’s hot and what’s not about the future, what is”The Next Thing”, what trend that will continue to grow from 2011 to 2012 and so on. In fact that this buzz about trend reading and all is also a trend you see, wow..trendception right ?


Looking at the business daily post about the 30 idea and trend prediction, we can categorized the idea and trend with specific categorization such as technology and business, where in the early start of 2012, techno expert and business reader try to make some prediction and speculation about the year of 2012 and what will this one year brings.

Technological expert said that gesture recognition technology will be one of some developer main concern and when it happen it will be a big thing, because it enhanced people experience with never been seen / feel before. I think the best way to describe this technology is with XBOX KINECT as an example, where KINECT gave people a brand new experience of gaming where they use their body to control the game, rather than using classic joystick or D-pad. I’ve read some interesting about the development of this kind of technology that is still being developed, which they called eye tribe technology, where they focus the technology in scanning people eye, so basically you can also control something by  using your eyes, well imagine that. Also, proximity based social network is also on the development program but there is also some application for your smartphone that gave similar benefits, like wikitude ( Blackberry) where you can see with your camera, who is people around you that have blackberry, the concept is augmented reality on the screen of the camera.

No Boundaries, where people can buy stuff on-stores and online. Well the reality it is happening and really becoming a very popular way to buy things in 2012, online shop like localbrand.co.id a onlineshop that help various local brand in Indonesia to sell their product easily in their website. Or maybe like this supermarket in korea, where we know Korean people is very busy and have little time or maybe don’t have the time at all to buy groceries, and one particular supermarket, Tesco gave a breaktrough where they fill the subway with their product and in each picture there is a barcode where you can scan it and online shopped the groceries and it will be delivered to your house, so with this technology, Korean people buy groceries while waiting for the train to come. This is surely an innovative way to shop.

Well for most of the 2012 prediction is actually came true, like what I just explained above, and some which I don’t explain, such as Chinese become a force in a global market, it actually happened, increased in franchising, well I can say that this is true, but it is based on what I experienced and feel. Well I think this trend-reading-trends seem very informative for people to know about what kind of thing that going to happened and what will be the next big thing. You can always visit : http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/1849-business-trends-2012.html  if you want to read the full preview of 2012 trend 😀

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