Here comes the Generalist !

Creative Innovation

Hi guys long time no see eh?

so today i’m gonna do some blog reviewing and the blog goes by the name of

you can check that out now or maybe you want to read my review first to have a better understanding of the blog, because when i opened the blog for the first time i didn’t have the slightest idea of what is this blog is all about and it take some time to understand it, so its your call if you want to read my review or not ( Please read it 😛 ), 

So anyway lets get started on the review,  what is this blog is about ? well the creative generalist is an outpost for curious divergent thinker who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources. originally this blog as a personal blog of Steve Hardy where he shares about those who called themselves generalist, those so-called dabbling dilettantes of knowledge; those curious of everything, but experts at nothing, and he is included. from this his blog he discovered that there are many, many others like me who share the same wide-ranging tendencies and healthy skepticism of unchecked or misguided specialization. finally he made a resolution to re-create his blog into an open source blog where people who called themselves Creative Generalist could express their opinion, idea, critics etc , which is

The Blog consist of five core area which Creative Generalist excel at. They are:

Wander & Wonder – Entertain curiosity and ask unasked questions.

 a place where people could find possibility, this is the beginning point for all creative scenarios. And to see the big picture one first has to understand a lot of different variables – most of which we are not well versed in and may very well not be aware of at all.

Synthesize & Summarize –  Connect the dots and present complex information succinctly.

some people said that diversity fuels further diversity, and this section of the blog is a place where people could connect the dots of an information and summarize it into a clear and brief explaination.

Link & Leap – Take a simple insight and find a transcending application.

a place where people could collaborate to generate some new and fresh ideas about anything. what it means by link is that with the information that is available, generalist could find a connection and try to take a simple insight from the result and then find a way to use that information to Leap into a whole new level.

Mix & Match – Make worlds collide and harness collaborative energies.

As important as possibility, information, and ideas are, they are all for naught without real people working together to discover and explore such new territory. this core of the blog helps to connect people.

Experience & Empathize – Understand humanity and life’s many interrelationships.

this section of the blog help us to get a snap about the condition of our planet, or worldwide view. We can tip-toe forward inch-by-inch with our head down in steadfast concentration and call it movement, but we cannot call it progress until we lift our head, run our eyes across the horizon and understand not only where we stand but also where we are going and why. To do this requires insight, which is often gained by walking a mile in someone else’s shoes and looking at things from another vantage point.

So there you have it, that is the  brief explaination of what is the blog all about, well i myself is a member in the website now and it sure gives me a major insight. you dont need to be a generalist to became a member, just join and see for yourself that this blog is very usefull to you, well that is all for this blog reviewing, see you when i see you eh? goodbye!


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