It’s Event Review #1 : Brightspot Market

event review #1

IMG_2444here goes my first event review,
now now, im going to review Brightspot Market, what is it exactly ? well for those who love to shop apparel must know this event, Brightspot is the first curated market in Indonesia, and the Brightspot that I’m reviewing right now is their fourth I think. this event is the mother of all other curated market that emerged in Indonesia. for example Trademark and Lookats Market in Bandung. being the pioneer and well, the biggest of all the curated market, people became aware, and not only just Jakarta citizen, but also non-Jakarta such as Jakarta Satellite town and even further, Bali, Bandung, and Surabaya attend Brighspot Market. what do they seek anyway ? well you guessed it, “all things cool” that provided.

IMG_2439The fourth Brightspot market is being held in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall Jakarta, in fact it is the third time that the market is being held in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, whereas the third Brightspot it is held in Gandaria City. the fourth seems like the largest Brightspot ever, because it consume so much space in Grand Indonesia. the area is divided by three to four I think, I forgot about that. so, big space sure gave a large number of tenant too right ? well you guessed right again !, yes it is !. well even though they can accommodate large numbers of tenant, getting into the list of the tenant is very hard. because brightspot is now a strong brand, they don’t want to lose their title, so they have a very tight selection of Tenant, but what they do is for the customer, where they want to provide the customer with “all things cool” in their market, and yes they succeeded.


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