Its Event Review #2 ! Natamorta Exhibition!


well its my second Event Review, this time I got a chance to review Natamorta. what is it exactly ? it is an art exhibition created by Desain Komunikasi Visual  Institut Teknologi Bandung or we could just say DKV ITB. The event is held in 21-23 February 2013 at Gedung Perusahaan Gas Negara , Bandung. Natamorta; a word that is made up from the word “Natal” which means life, and “Mortal” which means Death. it is an exhibition that lift up the topic of life and death as an object that have broad meaning.

now lets go with the reviewing. Natamorta have four parts of exhibition. first the free artworks, meaning the work isn’t correlated with the theme that Natamorta trying to bring, the free artwork content varies, design graphic, branding, advertising, portofolio, statues, etc. the creation is very inspiring I think. so moving on to the thematic exhibition, the natamorta main exhibition consist of three parts.

first the beginning, the progress, and the end. the art in the beginning tells you how your childhood made of, many of the arts really brings me nostalgic feeling because most of the art reminds me of my childhood, either it is a cartoon, play toy etc.

Secondly the Progress, the artwork in this section shows how is the progress that you’ve been making until the very end of your life, which means this section tells you the story of teenagers until like 50 years old man. the exhibition is really good, some of the work really describe what i’m going through.

Finally the End, the exhibition in this area is somewhat creepy, because it shows life after death, karma, etc. you know, mystical stuff, but it is very great exhibition though.

Finally after seeing all of the artists works, I grab some tasty Roti Gempol and then chat a little with my friends and then headed back home, it is quite a night, seeing all of those wonderful works.


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