it’s Fieldtrip Time ! ; Kempompong Gendut


Well lets take an episodic break of website review and take a look into my fieldtrip journey !
so in the last Creative Innovation Field Trip, we went to Kepompong Gendut Production House ! well for those who don’t know this film making production house surely can go into their website at ;

so basically Kepompong Production House is a House sized/scaled film making company. maybe you don’t know this production house name but if I mentioned their work maybe you know then. ever heard of Cin(T)a ? or maybe Demi Ucok ? well that two film is from this production house, awesome right ? originally Kepompong Gendut is a community that contain people hobby about film making, and they started with only short film making too. in 2011 they realize the potentials of the member and try to rebrand their community into production house with the name of Kepompong Gendut and they sheltered new pupas into the family and created Demi Ucok.

This production house is so small, it only consist few than 20 people, but its about quality not quantity. also with their few number of peaople, they can work in a house so that they can feel the “Kekeluargaan” with each other. the one that interest me is that Demi Ucok is using a unique way of funding, basically when people want to make a big movies they get loan from a bank right ? but for Demi Ucok, anyone could also invested their money for the making of the film ! this is called co-producer, if you invested your money to the movie production you could also attend their shooting and if you don’t want to do that, you can get the updates of how the shooting is going. by using co-producer, people who donate will feel that they contributed to that film and can get those emotionally proud feeling because you also contributed to the movies.

I really impressed by the workplace also, too bad I forgot to take some pictures though, but their workplace have this homy feeling and it feels so familiar. maybe because the crew closeness to each other bring out that kind of emotion in me. but I guess this is the end folks ! see you on another Fieldtrip of mine I guess ! and thanks for reading !


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