Overflowing Creativity ? Mathematical !

hello again my friend, this time we’ll be reviewing creativeoverflow.net, the site is an Online Magazine about all you can relate into the word “Creative”, this website  share  design experience through delivering professionally written articles, tutorials, resources and Inspiration. 

flowflow kid

so we’re gonna review the article that is handpicked by the staff of site and also handpicked by our, the article is about enhancing the creativity in school children. from reading the titles, i can say that the articles is designated for Teacher and indirectly, Parents. creativity can help you to find an innovative way to solve a problem or maybe also generate new ideas while you’re at it. from the latest research, by enhancing student creativity may offer benefits academically, mentally and emotionally. furthermore, not only creative people that will get the benefit of creativity but also their close ones too, such as parents, teacher, and friends.

Creativity is not just about being good at drawing or some other creative art form, it is more than that. Enhancing Creativity is something that is very useful to people in younger and older days. creativity is something that people have from the very beginning of life, but the development is depends on their environment, so there is no such thing as people with no creativitym, it just that they need to try harder that’s all. in this article, the writer show some example of how to enhance school children creativity, Such as Word Games, Drawing Games, and Visual Thinking Games. creativity can be enhance in any way, so if you’re thinking another methode about how to enhance creativity beside the method that i mentioned that means your pretty creative ! i think that is all from me thank you and don’t forget to comment 😉


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