Well its Something [ Creative ]

phew today i post soo many article !
so enough with the complain and lets get going !
in this article i will review http://www.creativesomething.net


somethingwhat is this Creative Something all about ? well the weblog adress said it all, is about something creative. this blog is created by Tanner Christensen where he claim himself to be a creative expert, entrepreneur and online marketeer for salt lake city. so before creating this blog, he wondered himself what is creativity all about ? it is only on random occurence that creativity strucked? he also used to think that creativity only flow in a very rare breed of people.
but after a creativity journey he founded that his theory all this time was wrong and he himself began to enhance his creativity.

enough with the blogger background, back to the blog, it is a place where you can learn, advertise, everything that have the word “creative” in it. the goal of the blogger by creating this blog is to educate people with creativity, for him creativity is our inmate ability to solve problems, dream up new invenstion, have big and small ideas and change our world. the word that he created inspired many people who doubt their creativity, where Tanner help them to embrace and enhance others creativity by creating this blog.


the blog have this  four submenu bar which is creative app, advertise, about and random.
Creative Apps –  is a hotlink that will reconnect you into application for apple and android that can inspire us in a creative way
Advertise –  is a hotlink that leads you into the funding of the blog itself
About –  is well, about the blogger
Random – is a button that can get you into random article about how to enhance and embrace creativity

so far so good eh ? well if you feel bored and unispired this will get your mood back up mate!


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