What the Math ?! So Many Creativity !


so hello again and this time i will review this black hole of Creativity, wait wait that doesn’t sounds right.. hmm
okay lets do this again, this time im gonna review this great blog that gives you over 80 website that can enhance your skill in creativity ! such as design, illustration, drawing, swimming tutorial ! the website is named Creavite Opera ! the link is provided below.
well there you have it eh ?
polishing your creativity isn’t that hard you see, all you got to do is try !


Excited eh ? well you should ! because this blogger is kind enough to facilitate us with his findings of creative blog, personal favorite of mine is You the Designer because it give me a free tutorial how to use illustrator and Photoshop and there is also people’s creation that could inspire you. just like i said before, this website is very useful, it gives you all the information about how to design.

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