Feliz Cumpleaños Kania!


Well the title said it all I guess! Happy birthday to you Kania my boo. Though it is so unfortunate that your birthday is in the vortex of Mercury Retrograde, I hope it won’t affect your whole year, I hope so!(gulp!)


Happy Kania with a HBD Cone with her bugs bunny smile. Ssup doc?!

Honestly, I have no idea what to write except your normal mantra of “happy birthday” and the ordinary birthday wish and all. Umm…you know what? I don’t really want to give a banal felicitation, but hey I’m getting older and lots of things in my head so am just gonna keep it real and simple (Excuse = Trash, Wirzal, 2010). But hey, gonna try my best for my boo (smh).
So okay, happy birthday! You’re turning 24th now! Hope that you’ll have a magical year;  with me of course! Not only that, I hope that you can strive for the best as well in your office together with your awesome workmates. I know that with your enthusiastic spirit, smartness, sharpness, and wittiness, you can help the company to change for the better! I’m pretty darn sure that you can because I know that you are capable of doing that! Yes you can! Yes you can! yes you can! Vote for Kania for President!! i’m rooting for you as your #1 fan! Jokes aside, yeah! I’m confident that you can do it.




Then I googled “Kania for president” and this logo at the bottom came up, I think it’s a ketchup brand or what not. Must control my impulsiveness to google everything that came into my head! Ugh this must be the work of the Mercury Retrograde! Curse you!!!




Now the next wish should be obvious, that I’m wishing for your health, but damn kiddo, it’s pretty important so don’t you forget that yoga every morning girl! Hmm m mm m mm (I know you know the tone, so work it girl, work it!). So yeah I know that you know about Beyoncé Knowles knowing that her husband didn’t know that she is Michelle Obama- wait wat? Yes work it Michelle (Dr. Of common sense, 2015). Ok my point being, stay healthy! Ok another paragraph done! See I can also make a bullet journal! But it’s even better! Why is it better you ask? why not.

I’m pretty much out of ideas of what and how to write, I think I need to read more and practice my writing so I can write more seamlessly. All in all, I would say again, happy birthday, it’s almost 5 years since we’re together and even though that this is your birthday, I would like to say that I am glad and happy; because we can make it through this far! me, being around for your 5th birthday, and in 5 month, its going to be our 5th anniversary as well (damn gurl that’s crazy right? <-sok asik), adding 2 more months and it’ll be my birthday (emang kenapa), this sentence could go on and on but I’m gonna stop there because I’m kinda sure  that we’re gonna still be together for yearszzzzzzzzz (the z is stressing that it’s gonna be a lot of years, yeah). So yeah! Happy birthday for now! yeayyy for years to come!!! Let’s celebrate early! Right now! uyeah!! Happy birthday to you again! Hope that you can achieve the dreams that you have right now! Not to mention ANeKa! Fingers crossed!

And you should realise by now that in this entirely uncanny journal, I didn’t address you as kayo at all. Welp that’s because I want to call you by your real name, the one that your parent gave you and of course the one that is filled with thousands of meanings and prayers :3 #cocacolarayakannamamu.

Lastly, this little guy wants to say happy birthday to you my dear Kania! it seems that he is very eager to say what he wants to say, though it’s pretty boring. figures though, he’s a pretty boring little dude.


happy milo


That is all, I hope you like the content! if not, oh I can always edit the page you know :S
see ya soon! see ya lata! Te amo mi gordita Kania!

Yours trudy,

Ghee-Lung Punk-as-Stew




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